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Cooling appliance types



A freestanding fridge is a classic option, giving you more freedom when choosing the size and design. These types of fridges stand upright and are on show, with no panels covering the appliance. Freestanding fridges can be placed anywhere that has a power socket close by, so they’re a convenient option that you can take with you if you move house.



Integrated fridges are built into your kitchen units, hidden away behind a cupboard door to create a seamless discreet look. An integrated fridge is a great option if you want to reduce visual clutter, save space and create the illusion of a larger kitchen. They need to be vented so make sure to consider where you will install the fridge in your layout.



A undercounter appliance is a classic smaller option in comparison to upright fridges and freezers. These types of appliances stand upright and are more designed to stand underneath a kitchen unit. 



If you're limited on kitchen floor space, or you're looking to keep food and beverages cool without taking up space in your fridge freezer, a tabletop fridge is the perfect solution. 


Designed to sit on countertops and tables, mini fridges are the perfect addition to any room from a small kitchen to a home cinema.



A chest freezer is an appliance shaped like a large box (or chest) with a hinged lid that opens upward. Most models are rectangular in shape although some compact models can be shaped more like a cube.

It is a standalone appliance separate from your standard upright freezer or fridge freezer in your kitchen. You can efficiently stack packages of meat, veggies, whole turkeys, poultry and other bulky items that do not fit in your smaller freezer. A chest freezer is commonly used to store large quantities of food away from your main kitchen area, usually in a garage, basement or utility room.

Chest freezers are popular for busy families that may have their own vegetable patch or small farm. If you purchase bulk meats from a butcher, it is great for storing several months of meals. When used properly they help you to reduce waste and lower your food bill.



An American style fridge freezer is different to most tall fridge freezers as they feature double doors that open from the middle outwards, rather than a single door. This is why they’re sometimes referred to as ‘side by side American fridge freezers’ or a ‘double door fridge freezer’.

An American style fridge freezer is different to most tall fridge freezers as they feature double doors that open from the middle outwards, rather than a single door. This is why they’re sometimes referred to as ‘side by side American fridge freezers’ or a ‘double door fridge freezer’.

Some of the most popular American style fridge freezers come with ice and water dispensers integrated into the doors


Side by side

Side-by-Side appliances are characterised by their generous capacity, excellent-quality workmanship, and innovative features that help food to stay fresh and retain its quality.



Built under 

A fridge designed to be built in to a cabinet unit under a counter.



Most beverage coolers are smaller than mini fridges, and they are made to store only drinks. They come in a variety of sizes, from small ones that fit on a countertop and can hold a few cans or bottles to big ones that can hold dozens of drinks and stand on their own.


French door

French door refrigerators vary in size and configuration, but always include a top refrigerator compartment with double doors that open outward, are split down the middle and can be opened independently or together for easy access to all refrigerated items. The freezer is located below the double doors in a large pull-out drawer.



A retro fridge is smaller than the large American-style fridges we see today. Though this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style or function. Smeg's retro  range is available in a plethora of pastel coloured and modern neutral hues that will compliment your kitchen and make an impact.


Wine cabinets and multitemperature cabinets 

With either two or three independently controlled wine safes, these cabinets can store red wine, white wine and champagne all at their optimal temperature. Furthermore, they feature safes of varying size, and because of the flexible temperature control, this means they can accommodate any collection of wines.


Top mount freezer 

Top mount refrigerators are a classic configuration that places a freezer compartment on top of the refrigeration section of the appliance. These fridges deliver essential features like ample refrigerator and freezer capacity to store your groceries.

Fridge, Freezer and Fridge Freezer brands

New energy labels as of 2022. 

As of 2022, the energy labels across the spectrum when it comes to appliances has changed. What used to be labelled up to A+++ has now been changed to A - G. For more information please click the button below. (18).jpg

to consider looking to invest in

Fridge, freezer & fridge freezer Features

Door hinge type

Frost free 

Power cut protection

If purchasing an integrated cooling appliance that's replacing an already existing appliance , its very important to take into consideration the hinge fitting of the model you're looking to buy. For more information on this, please consult our section on hinge types further down this page.

Some brands offer protection in their models which makes sure that should your appliance lose power at anytime, then your food will be protected for up to around 20 hours.

Size and capacity / Split size 

70/30 split will give you plenty of fridge space, a 60/40 split gives you more freezer space and the 50/50 split gives you the best of both worlds. Some fridge freezer models of a certain split have a larger / deeper draw to substitute for an extra draw. Bear in mind that the split only refers to the door size, not the internal capacity of each compartment. Capacities in litres are a more accurate guide, but split ratios are a quick, easy way to know how much space you can expect for different types of food.


Ice and Water Dispenser

Outbuilding compatible

to consider looking to invest in

Some fridge freezers come with handy water and ice dispensers. These let you enjoy filtered water quickly and easily, providing much-needed refreshment on a hot summer’s day. While not a necessity, these dispensers can be a useful addition. 

Whether your freezer doesn’t fit your kitchen’s aesthetic, or you just don’t have the room, more and more people are moving their cooling appliances to their garages. The only problem? Not all units are designed to work in such cold conditions. Thankfully, there are specific models which are designed to keep their chill and function fine, even in temperatures as low as -15°C.

Storage options

When you’re on the lookout for a new fridge freezer, you need to consider your food storage needs. Would you benefit from multiple salad compartments to store extra fruit and vegetables? Or maybe you’d love an integrated bottle rack for your favourite drinks?

If you need a fridge freezer with a particular type of storage, you’ve come to the right place. Find out what options are available in this handy guide, to help you choose the best model for your family. 

Bottle racks

Door storage

WiFi Connectivity

Salad crisper

Fast freeze

Chiller compartment 



Energy efficiency 

As of spring 2022, Since the energy label was introduced, there have been significant improvements in energy saving technology. This meant that all new products were being given the top rating for efficiency. As a result, the label has been recalibrated to make it easier for you to compare models when purchasing a new appliance.

The most important change that has been re-introduced is the simple A-G scale. With more and more products achieving ratings as A+, A++ or A+++ according to the current scale, this leaves no room for companies to innovate further and continue to introduce more energy-efficient products into the market.

Reversible doors

Flexible temperature zones

Fast freeze

Reversible doors mean you can choose whether your fridge freezer opens on the left or right side depending on your kitchen set up. Some models of fridge or freezer such as SMEG, have separate models with the hinge the other way.  Please let a member of our team know if you require your door to be facing a certain way. 

The fast freeze function works similarly to quick-chill but freezes fresh food quickly rather than simply chilling it. This locks in vitamins and taste, meaning your food will be fresher when you defrost it.


Some brands such as Blomberg have developed fridge freezer models with a special super fresh zone. This keeps food between 0 and 3°C, and the humidity at just the right level.

As a result, your meat, fish, fruit, and vegetables will retain taste, flavour, and freshness for up to twice as long.

Frost free 

Smart technology 

Anti bacterial coating 

Fully prevents frost from building up in a fridge freezer or freezer so you don't have to manually defrost. In frost free freezers, a fan circulates dry air throughout the compartment – which prevents formation of ice crystals, without increasing the internal temperature.

Some fridges have an antibacterial coating on the walls and door that helps prevent bacteria growth, improving the hygiene in your fridge.

More new models come with WiFi connectivity and a companion smartphone app, allowing you to remotely change fridge settings, adjust internal temperatures, and receive alerts if a door is left open.

Auto Frost

Condensation can often build up at the back of a fridge – and sometimes this can turn to ice. 

Having a build-up of ice can affect an appliance’s working state significantly. It can also impact on how well your food is preserved, which changes the taste, texture, nutrients, and even the food’s use-by date.

Auto Defrost reduces this risk by melting any ice that forms around the cooling element, ensuring your appliance runs at maximum efficiency.

Fixed hinge or sliding hinge?

Fixed hinges, otherwise known as door-on-door hinges, directly connects the cabinet door to the appliance door. This means that the cabinet door will not be attached to the rest of the cabinetry. Instead, it will be completely attached to the appliance door. Therefore, the appliance door will be bearing the weight of the cabinet door.

A sliding hinge is installed onto the kitchen cabinet door. This then allows the refrigeration door to slide along the apparatus when being opened and closed. This setup means that the refrigeration door and cabinet door each have their own set of hinges, so your refrigerator door is not bearing the weight of the cabinet door.

If you are wanting to make the change from sliding hinge to fixed then you will need to consult your carpenter or kitchen fitter. Whichever fitting you currently have on your existing appliance, we would strongly recommend replacing it with the same fitting type when choosing your new appliance. 

Whilst it is possible to change from sliding over to fixed hinge, we'd suggest consulting your kitchen fitter or carpenter in order to make sure that any adjustments to your current door setup can be done with no issues.

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