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Tumble dryers

A tumble dryer is one of life’s little luxuries. It gives you dry clothes when it’s raining, warm towels after a relaxing bath, and fresh laundry in time for a night out – what more could you want?. Choosing the right model is tricky, but with a little know-how, you’ll be drying your laundry indoors in no time – without hanging it on the radiators.


Our buying guide covers everything from drum sizes and programmes to noise levels and energy efficiency.


If you need a tumble dryer that dries you laundry slightly quicker, consider our range of available condenser models. Similarly, to heat pump tumble dryers, condenser dryers do not need an externally vented hose, meaning you will be able to install your appliance anywhere in your home. However, a condenser dryer does need a constant supply of cool air to function. When installing your appliance, make sure you place the dryer in a well-ventilated room, where warm air can easily escape.


A condenser tumble dryer uses high temperatures to dry your clothes, reaching a maximum temperature of 70-75 °C. In comparison, the maximum temperature reached in a heat pump tumble dryer is 50 °C. Although the drying times for cycles in condenser tumble dryers are shorter than cycles in heat pump dryers, the high temperature combined with the expulsion of hot air means the appliance uses significantly more energy.


Using a closed-loop heat exchange system, heat pump tumble dryers dry clothes at a lower temperature, providing better protection for your laundry. Although drying times are slightly longer when compared to condenser tumble dryers, heat pump tumble dryers offer great energy savings, keeping your utility bills to a minimum. A heat pump tumble dryer uses hot air to absorb moisture from your clothes. After this air passes through the drum, it goes through the evaporator, which removes the moisture. This is then collected and stored in a tank. The remaining air is reheated and used to continue drying your clothes. While both condenser and vented tumble dryers release the hot air used to dry clothes, heat pump technology reuses it.

Heat pump

Whilst the programmes on a heat pump dryer do take longer than standard condenser dryers, this can fit easily into the laundry day schedule.


If you are after great drying results on a budget, consider our range of vented tumble dryers. Unlike condenser dryers, which convert hot air into water, vented tumble dryers expel hot air through external vent. This keeps your utility bills to a minimum, as the appliance does not covert hot air into water; it simply expels the air from your home. Although vented tumble dryers are energy efficient, heat pump tumble dryers are the most energy-efficient dryers on the market.


When purchasing a vented tumble dryer, you must make sure that there is a suitable location in your house for the appliance. The dryer needs to be installed either near an external vent that has been fitted into an external wall, allowing the damp air to escape outside.. or the hose needs to be positioned out of a window. Thanks to the external vent, there is no need to worry about emptying water from the machine.


Spin dryer

Spin dryers are ideal for those with limited space such as caravans, motor homes or utility rooms. It works by removing excess moisture from your washed laundry without actually drying the garments as there is no heating element. This allows them to dry faster on the line or in your tumble dryer and thus saving you energy in the process, whilst also prolonging the life of your laundered items by removing more harmful mineral deposits and detergents than your washing machine can alone.


Integrated tumble dryers are designed to be incorporated into built-in kitchens. They are installed within the units and typically sit behind a cupboard door. This keeps protruding features hidden from view, making the kitchen super streamlined. 

Fully integrated are the most common option in comparison to Semi integrated. A fully integrated tumble dryer has a flat front and will require a wooden door panel to cover the complete floor whereas a semi integrated will have its control panel at the top still on show. This will enable you to easily change programs and check how long is left of a cycle. 

Drum sizes 

When it comes to drum size, this is calculated based on the weight of dry clothes that they can hold. Sizes typically vary between 6kg and 12kg. Your ideal tumble dryer will depend on how much washing you tend to get through each week, as well as the size and types of fabrics you tend to dry.




2023 energy ratings

Features to consider 

Stainless steel drums

As with Dishwashers, the best quality machines have long-lasting stainless steel material and provide a smooth finish so fabrics don't catch.

Stacking kits

Have a lack of floor space for a tumble dryer?. Look no further than potentially investing a stacking kit which gives you the chance to stack your dryer on top of a Washing machine. A kit will help to stabilise your tumble dryer above your washing machine, fitting all 600 x 600 mm appliances. Some kits an included shelf, which lets you can load and unload your tumble dryer without bending, or even use it to help fold your washing.

Smart tech

Smart dryers use wifi to allow you to control the appliance through your phone and can automatically adjust the heat and duration of your cycle to prevent overheating, so that your delicate fabrics do not shrink or get damaged. There's also an intelligent setting that for reducing wrinkles. So, you can place clothes directly into your wardrobe – no ironing needed.

Quick dry 

Sensor drying

An energy saving feature that detects the moisture in the items and finishes the cycle as soon as the clothes are dry, whatever cycle you have put them on

Easy Iron

If you need that top dried ASAP, no worries. Get yourself a dryer with a special quick dry programme. These programmes can vary from 15 to 30 minutes depending on the model. And some even let you choose the length of the cycle. Now, getting those clothes wardrobe-ready couldn’t be easier.

Fabric Care

Luckily there are tumble dryers with anti-crease settings to make life easier when it comes to preventing creases and not having to iron as much. They gently tumble your clothes once the drying programme has ended, usually in cool air. Some also use steam to reduce wrinkles.

Allergy care

We’d all like our clothes to last longer, and buying a tumble dryer with fabric care features can help. Generally, these special programmes leave your clothes dry while protecting them from heat damage. So, whether it’s a woolly jumper or silk shirt, you can pop them in knowing they’ll be safe from shrinking.

A tumble dryer with allergy care can help can be really useful to have if you have someone in your home who suffers from any allergies. These machines are kitted out with clever tech that removes allergens, like dust, dander and pollen, from your clothes. 

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