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Floorcare buying guide


Integrated fridges are built into your kitchen units, hidden away behind a cupboard door to create a seamless discreet look. An integrated fridge is a great option if you want to reduce visual clutter, save space and create the illusion of a larger kitchen. They need to be vented so make sure to consider where you will install the fridge in your layout.


A freestanding fridge is a classic option, giving you more freedom when choosing the size and design. These types of fridges stand upright and are on show, with no panels covering the appliance. Freestanding fridges can be placed anywhere that has a power socket close by, so they’re a convenient option that you can take with you if you move house.

Deciding on the size of your fridge or freezer

If you opt for a freestanding model, there are three types to choose from. These are


Tall upright 

Compact (Table top)

Compact or mini fridges are ideal for couples or those living alone. They’re the smallest type, with measurements of less than 50cm in height. The compact size makes them perfect for small kitchens in studios and flats. A compact fridge is easy to fit anywhere in your home – including on top of a counter – meaning it will save floor space.


Under the counter fridges are hassle-free because they tend to stay out of your way beneath your kitchen counter. These fridges are a perfect choice for small kitchens in homes and flats due to their size.

Depending on your preference, you could consider buying an undercounter fridge with an icebox if you need to store a small amount of freezer items close by. 

Integrated fridges 

Integrated fridges With a built-in fridge, the cupboard door covers the front of the appliance. Some built-in models are full height and blend perfectly into a row of tall kitchen units; others are smaller and fit beneath your counter. If you choose this type of fridge, you have the option of either a
fridge with an ice box or one without.

Its's also should be noted that some models of integrated fridge have their door hinged on the opposite side in which its worth keeping an eye out for this when selecting the model of fridge or freezer you require.  

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